Have you met A.thaliana ?

Arabidopsis thaliana is a  small flowering plant native to Europe, Asia, and northwestern Africa. A spring annual with a relatively short life cycle, Arabidopsis is popular as a model organism in plant biology and genetics. Its genomeis one of the smallest plant genomesand was the first plant genome to be sequenced. Arabidopsis is a popular tool for understanding the molecular biology of many plant traits, including flower development and light sensing. (dixit Wikipedia)

I worked a lot on this little plant during my studies although I mostly work on animal mechanisms. So, when I designed this cardigan, Arabidopsis thaliana seemed to be the perfect name for it, gathering my interest in knitting and biology together.

So, here are some pictures of the test knit I made first. I wanted to know if the model would be as fantastic as was dreaming it. I used stashed yarn, but didn’t have enough yarn to make sleeves.

Actually, I love it, I was wearing it all those last days, and I’m knitting the final version and trying to write an as clear as possible pattern.

Raveled here.


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