Baby Thaliana

Currently testing baby versions of my pattern.


2 thoughts on “Baby Thaliana”

  1. Sorry, I didn’t. I’m starting my first year as a teacher, and I’ve so much work that I don’t think about re-working on my patterns.
    Plus, I had trouble with sizing on the baby version of this pattern.
    But as you can see on the pictures, it’s just the grown-up version with less stitches casted on for the back (only 2 leaves on the back) and for the sleeves.
    Happy knitting with the grown-up version 🙂

  2. Hi Lusianne

    I just bought the pattern for your Arabidopsis cardigan. I am planning to knit it as a leaving present for a colleague who has just finished her PhD on epigenetics in Arabidopsis and is leaving us towards the end of September. She is expecting a baby and I would like to knit the baby version as well. I was wondering if you finished the baby version and whether it is available.
    Krys Kelly

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