Summer sweater 1 – Design process-

I want a short sleeved lace pullover. I had a crush on this (IKKS):

I saw an ad in Marie Claire and just loved it. Can’t knit it right now because I’m crocheting a boléro I want for my cousin’s wedding this summer. So I’m thinking about the details. I already know that:

– I want to knit it in a cotton, or a wool/cotton blended yarn.

– I want a lovely and original and easy-to-knit lace pattern.

– I’ll not make a classic ribbing, but a twisted one.

– It has to be a seamless knit but I don’t want raglan this time.

I had a look on Ravelry to find more inspiration, and I found those pretty patterns:

Amber, designed by Lisa Richardson

November sweater, designed by Meghan Fernandes

Marshmallow lace sweater, designed by Victoria Clark

So, still thinking about what I exactly want, wanting for my boléro to be finished…


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