My friends are amazing

They went to NYC, and they brought me back those 3 wonderful skeins of Loft (Brooklyn Tweed) from Purl Soho

The colour, “Faded quilt”, is just gorgeous, and the yarn is sooo soft and beautiful. I don’t know what I could knit with, because it have to be special.

I found some beautiful projects made out of Loft on Ravelry, but I still don’t know. Here are some of my favorite:

Those mittens are very cool, but I just get one colour.

This shawl looks so warm in Loft, and only used 2 skeins. Don’t like the pattern so much, but the result looks great. So maybe I could make a shawl, and a hat with the leftovers ? I like this one a lot:

I would love to knit something like that, but I don’t have enought yarn…

So, still thinking, I want to do something really amazing !


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