Daybreak story

I recently bought the beautiful Daybreak pattern from Stephen West.

I wanted a shawl for some time, and one night (those things always happen at night), I bought this pattern and casted on with some stash yarn (Holstgarn yarn, Coast and Samarkand).

The result was pretty good, I made the small size because I had very few yellow yarn, and I start to wear it a lot, even to sleep with it (I was travelling and had a very bad pillow…). But not even a week after I finished my shawl, something terrible happened as I was playing with.

The yarn just broke !!! I was so terrified my Daybreak was…over.

I made I really don’t know what, involving a needle, a scrap thread of the yarn (of course, the very last one), and some knots.

Thanks god, the result is almost invisible, but I’m now looking at my Daybreak as something very fragile, and I don’t know if I’m going to wear it again. I’m considering about giving it.


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