Knitting a new cardigan

I’m already thinking about fall (weather is sooo hot here !!!), and I loved this cardi at first sight : Eisen is a beautiful free pattern published in Knitty last month. This first fall 2012 issue was just amazing, and I saw a lot of beautiful pattern I want to knit (like Anja, In leaf, or The political pocess).

I loved Eisen pattern at the first sight, but I didn’t follow the pattern at all (mostly because I hate to follow patterns). I just checked the (amazing) stitch pattern and followed the shape of the cowl.I basically used the same pattern that I used for my Boyfriend cardi, with the same kind of increases.I just used smaller needles because of the cables stitch pattern, a different kind of pockets, and some colorwork I designed.The yellow yarns are “made in france” and 100% pure french wool. I bought them at the Filature Terrade this summer.

I’m glad I used smaller needles, because the cardi is a little bit more fitted than the boyfriend cardi. Here is my project page.


4 thoughts on “Knitting a new cardigan”

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