That’s the noise I’m currently making as I’m melting. The weather has been terribly hot those past 2 days, so I put my big 100% wool WIP aside, it was just too hot to knit it, and I started (one more time) to crochet some little dice bags with some stash yarn.

I’m currently using my own pattern (available for free on Ravelry) and some Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace held double. This yarn is lovely and very soft, but as I’m allergic to alpaca, I can’t use it for… anything but those little bags.I had fun today taking some pictures of my crochet project with some tea cup I bought on a flea market 2 weeks ago. I love pictures with yarn and lovely cups.


2 thoughts on “Pschiiiiit….”

  1. I like the way the hard coffe cup is rendered soft by its association with the knitted cloths and the single-colored dark blue. It has an emotional softness. It’s inviting, like a symbol for comfort.

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