Ravelry News – 8

Ravelry is such a great source of inspiration. In the “Ravelry news ” posts, I’ll show you some of the finest patterns on Ravelry that kept my interest ! Please note that all the images are not mine and belong to their designer. You may need a Ravelry account (free) to view the pattern profile by clicking on the image.

Today, I’ll show you some patterns that really inspire me.

8179693608_8a1d9017fd_b Esjan, by Stephen West

tunic16_medium2Scatness Tunic, by Kate Davies

5493682393_e7ede960bd_bParasol stole, by Derya Davenport

Saint_Ninians_Shells_medium2And St Ninian, by Monique Boonstra.

I can’t knit everything, especially now that I’ve got the Christmas blues (which means that I start a lot of projects, frog them all because they’re not exactly what I was expecting and finally don’t want to make anything), but those four patterns are exactly what I would like to get right now. But I don’t have time. But I don’t have the right yarn in stash. But I don’t want to knit.


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