Knitting success

Before my knitting depression, I achieved this hat, which was a christmas present for my brother. That’s why I didn’t post it before. This hat is totally improved (= was ripped out 3 or 4 times), and used some yarn I brought back from Paris (Plassard Ecotweed, in blue and brown), and some green yarn from my stash (Ardelaine Agneline). The Ecotweed is amazing, soft and very pretty.

_MG_0119 _MG_0136 _MG_0137Here is how I did :

CO 90 sts with 4mm needles, 10 rounds of ribbing, then I made some increases to get 96 sts, and I made stripes with 5mm needles.

Vertical stripes are created by slipped stitches
1sts color : 4 stripes, 23 sts between each
2nd color : 8 stripes, 11 sts between each
3rd color : 16 stripes, 5 sts between each


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