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Twilight adventures

Twilight knitting adventures, of course.

I felt in love with this pattern, despite the fact I don’t like Twilght movies (didn’t read the books) so much :

I found a lovely pattern by Nancy Fry on ravelry and tried to knit it. But because of the gauge of my yarn, I heavily modified the pattern. I also knitted it on straight needles, because I didn’t get 7mm double point needles. It first look pretty good, but I don’t-know-what missed, the hat was far too long, but the circumference was ok. The only way of wearing  it is rolling it. Doesn’t look like Bella’s one at all, but it’s…something. I still don’t know if I will let this yarn be a hat or if it will return to skein state. I think I’ll try again…


Camille’s wrap

A little wrap/bolero for my best friend.

I used spare yarn from the Acorn shawl and from the Celtic cabled jacket.

I went to La Droguerie for the buttons, and I just love those tiny acorns. It was so difficult choosing them among all the other cute buttons ! This wrap also was my first seamless knitting. I was measuring on myself all the time, but the problem was that Camille wasn’t as tall than me… Finally, I offered her the bolero for her birthday and it fitted her quite good. Ouf !