Gilet de cow-boy

img_2931 img_2933img_2928img_2926Pure laine de la Creuse, ramenée des journées de la laine de Felletin, issue de l’élevage Couturier, c’est la 2 fils. Douce (nan, j’rigole XD), chaude, et rapide à tricoter (aiguille n°9), le combo gagnant. Ici sur Ravelry.

Pure wool, brought back from Les journées de la Laine in Felletin. It’s warm and very quick to knit up with (9mm needles). Here on Ravelry.


Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet

Nouveau boléro, un super petit modèle qui a contribué à vider mes stocks de laine : Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet, trouvé sur Ravelry, et qui monte très vite aux aiguille n°10. J’ai usé tout mes restes de grosse laine finlandaise, un souvenir de voyage datant de 2 ou 3 ans.

New FO, an adorable stash-buster project : Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet, that I found on Ravelry. I used Pirtin Kehräämö Hahtuvalanka yarn, which was a souvenir from my trip in finland 2 or 3 years ago, and 10 mm needles. A very fast and satisfying project.

_MG_0288 _MG_0289 _MG_0290

Par contre, pas facile de prendre de bonnes photos du gilet porté sans personne pour tenir l’appareil…

But taking pictures alone was quite challenging…


Boléro story – the end

I just finished the boléro I made for my cousin’s wedding… 3 days after the wedding. It sucks. But the finished boléro is a lovely little lace wrap, perfect for summer nights and looks great with a dress or a skirt. I’m wearing it almost every night.

I used buttons I found on this website. They are really lovely, made of wood, and they were really cheap. I bought a lot of other ones.

Boléro story

I finished the first sleeve, but I wasn’t satisfied at all. My pattern is terrible, it’s the last time I’m making a boléro like that, but this cotton is just awesome (again).

It didn’t look good on me, plus the stitch was very time and yarn consumming. So I frogged it. I made a swatch with some leftover yarn from my mitts, and chose a new stitch. And the swatch ended up as a crown for my little monkey !

Camille’s wrap

A little wrap/bolero for my best friend.

I used spare yarn from the Acorn shawl and from the Celtic cabled jacket.

I went to La Droguerie for the buttons, and I just love those tiny acorns. It was so difficult choosing them among all the other cute buttons ! This wrap also was my first seamless knitting. I was measuring on myself all the time, but the problem was that Camille wasn’t as tall than me… Finally, I offered her the bolero for her birthday and it fitted her quite good. Ouf !