Road trip d’automne – 5 (Journées nationales de la laine à Felletin)

img_2737jUn village entièrement décoré :

img_2706 img_2714 img_2715 img_2718 img_2721 img_2724 img_2729 img_2736

Un salon gigantesque, plein d’activités proposées. J’ai eu autre chose à faire que prendre des photos, et j’ai ramené 1,2 kg de laine locale 😀



Ancient wall, finally !

A la suite des premiers tests, je me suis finalement sérieusement mise à la relecture/réécriture/clarification du patron. J’ai créé la page Ravelry  associée, et j’ai lancé une seconde phase de test, toujours sur Ravelry. Si vous voulez participer, je cherche des testeurs pour la version française et la version anglaise, ça se passe ici :D. Le patron devrait être disponible en avril.

After the first test, I finally rewrote the pattern. I created the Ravelry pattern page, and started a second test, always on Ravelry. If you want to be part of it, I’m looking for testers for the french and the english version of the pattern, knowing that the english version was never tested. The pattern should be available in April.


Laine utilisée: Brooklyn Tweed LOFT
Type de laine recommandé : fingering
Aiguilles : 4.0 mm
Quantité de laine nécessaire : 700 – 800 yards (640 – 732 m)
Taille : unique mais adaptable (vois instructions)
Yarn used: Brooklyn Tweed LOFT
Yarn weight: fingering / 4 ply (14 wpi)
Needle size: US 6 – 4.0 mm
Yardage: 700 – 800 yards (640 – 732 m)
Sizes available : one but adaptable (see pattern)



New mug cozy

I changed from this one (made top-down)…

_MG_8106'''''…to this one (made bottom-up). Always with the same yarn, istex létt-lopi that I love to crochet with.

_MG_0135I made another cozy because the first one was getting bigger and bigger, and I thought the problem came from the construction. The new one just start growing. I think I will just felt both of them so they can have the right size anew.

What do I really wear ?

Those last days, I’ve been knitting a lot of hats, because I needed instant gratification projects. They are probably going to be gifted, because I love hats, but I really don’t wear them. So, I came to this question : what do I really wear among my handknits ? The aim of such a  questioning is obviously to knit more efficiently.

And the answer is : I have at least 3 cowls, but only one I wear (almost every day), my foehn cowl. I knitted more than 3 cowls, but I gifted the others, because I wasn’t about to wear them even a little._MG_3968'''''''''''I also wear almost every days (almost) all of my handknit cardigans. I say almost, because 2 of them are to tight for me. I didn’t ripped them out, but I really don’t know why… So the winners are : _MG_9326''My purple cardi, in cascade eco+. I now have purple pills all over the floor of my flat, but I love it.

_MG_7489'My boyfriend cardi, even if it’s one my first cardi and get several defects (the cowl is terrible, the pockets are asymetricaly sewn, the button band  is really strange..). I knitted it in cascade eco more than a year ago, and the yarn still is really great. That’s the reason why I chose cascade eco+ for the purple cardi, but they are quite different…

And also my daffodil cardi. It’s knitted in Sirri yarn, and it itches terribly, but the yarn becomes softer after being washed. I started a new cardi with the same yarn. It’s super warm.daffThat’s all. Everything else stay in my closet.

Oh, of course, I use this every single day, but that’s not a cloth… I used létt-lopi for it, and I fell in love with this yarn.


WIP : Wild forest cardigan

I wanted to knit another cardi in this fantastic yarn and I had some leftovers, so I started this project started as a stashbusting sleeveless vest. I ended up buying 5 more skeins to knit a real cardi cause I so love this yarn…

_MG_9d533_MG_9533It’s my first bottom-up construction, with specials stripes I imagined. I tried it but I had to remove it because it is soo scratchy ! I can’t stand washing it to soften it, because Sirri wool is so cool once washed (and washed again)…

Rainy wool day

It’s been raining for 2 days ! It’s something that usually never happens here. I’ve been playing around with some new yarn a friend brought back for me from Ardelaine in Ardèche. Making colours associations, thinking about what to knit with…


I’m also trying to spin, and my first challenge (an easy one) is to spin this gigantic ball af unspun yarn I bought in Finland._MG_9494